By the assignment of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia, representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office, including the personnel’s doctor visited the Armenian captives who were returned yesterday.

As reported the Ombudsman’s Office, there will be medical checkups and other necessary actions.

Five Armenian prisoners of war, including Mels Ambardanyan, Rafik Karapetyan, Zhora Manukyan, Hovsep Manukyan and Sedrak Soghomonyan were returned from Azerbaijan to Armenia through the mediation of the Russian Federation yesterday.

On July 23, the court of Baku sentenced three of them (Rafik Karapetyan, Sedrak Soghomonyan and Mels Ambardanyan) to six years of imprisonment in a prison under a strict regime.

On that day, another 10 Armenian prisoners of war were sentenced to imprisonment for six years. On July 22, the court of Baku announced similar decisions against another group of 13 Armenian prisoners of war, including Zhora Manukyan.