During the Future Talks at the Armenian Summit of Minds in Dilijan, President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian held a discussion with Deputy Director of Yandex Tigran Khudaverdyan, as reported the Staff of the President of Armenia.

The focus of the discussion was on the latest technologies and their impact on various sectors.

In response to President Sarkissian’s comment on the future trends for technological advancement and Armenia being a beneficiary in this sector, Khudaverdyan particularly mentioned that the pandemic has not only caused painful consequences, but has also caused certain changes in the world, and Armenia can also win in these new realities.

“For many years, there had been talks about how remote learning and remote employment could be organized. The pandemic radically changed the attitude of mankind towards educational technologies and remote employment. Armenia is in a place that is hardly accessible in terms of transport and logistics. This means Armenia has the opportunity to become a part of the world in which roads are virtual, and this will be possible through Internet technologies. This is a new world in which Armenia can win,” Yandex’s Deputy Director said, adding that it’s hard for a small country like Armenia to allow itself to have an educational system that is as developed as the educational systems of developed countries. “Currently, our partnering companies have started hiring people for remote employment since there are technologies that are making remote employment more comfortable. This is a big opportunity for Armenia to maintain itself and become accessible to the wealth of the whole world,” he said.

President Sarkissian and Tigran Khudaverdyan shared the view that Armenia needs to use the whole network, knowledge and talents of the Armenian Diaspora for empowerment of the country.