Being a scoundrel can be said with many examples, but the one who denies Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] is a traitor. Gegham Manukyan, an MP from the opposition "Armenia" Faction, stated this Tuesday during his address at the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia.

"This is a treachery just like the one who spoke [here] a while ago had recently denied Artsakh before the media," he added.

NA deputy speaker Ruben Rubinyan, who is chairing this session, responded: "Sorry, Mr. Manukyan, there are rules of ethics here; don’t break [them]! You just accused someone of denying Artsakh; name him!”

Gegham Manukyan responded that he will quote majority “Civil Contract” Faction lawmaker Vigen Khachatryan, and after that they will speak.

"Do you mean you call Vigen Khachatryan a traitor? Turn off Gegham Manukyan's microphone! Take your seat,” Rubinyan responded.

But Gegham Manukyan did not come down from the tribune, announcing that the NA vice speaker had no right to deprive him of the right to speak.

Subsequently, Rubinyan asked the parliament security officers to remove Manukyan from the tribune.

And these security officers forcibly remove the opposition MP from the tribune.