Only 7 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated in Armenia; moreover, about 16% have received only one dose which, of course, isn’t sufficient to achieve the desired result. This is what deputy of the “Civil Contract” faction of the National Assembly of Armenia, ex-health minister Arsen Torosyan said in parliament today.

“Vaccines were developed in a comparably short period in order to combat the virus and save the lives of millions of people. A vaccine is a scientific discovery that has helped save more lives in the history of mankind, and this is how we should treat it. If someone says something else about vaccines, know that they are intentionally or unconsciously deceiving you,” the MP stated and recalled that the government fully ensures availability of the COVID-19 vaccines.

“And now when there is a large number of vaccines, we have the opportunity to return to normalcy. The vaccine is the only weapon with which we can fight against the deaths from the coronavirus and the growing number of infections,” Torosyan said.