Nothing has changed in Turkey’s strategy because the war in the South Caucasus wasn’t the only one that was associated with Turkey. This is what President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian said in an interview with RBC.

Recalling Turkey’s presence in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the issues in the Mediterranean and the large number of immigrants that Ankara is keeping near the borders of EU countries, Sarkissian stated that Europe is de facto Turkey’s captive.

Asked if Turkey has the right to get offended since the European Union hasn’t been accepting the country for decades, the President of Armenia said the following: “I don’t agree with you because one has to be sure that he has made the right proposal in order to be offended. Acceding to the European Union is like entering into a marriage or a family, but was Turkey ready to enter into that family? The war against Armenia was the continuation of Turkey’s general policy, that is, implementing the wish to become more influential in the region. Whether we want it or not, Turkey has become more influential in the South Caucasus. In terms of economy, Turkey is very influential in Georgia. Today, Turkey has made an entrance into Azerbaijan with great momentum. The influence of the Turkish Armed Forces on the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is understandable after such a war and has had a major impact on sovereignty, economy, logistics and vehicles of Azerbaijan. Turkey has also become more influential in terms of the military and politics. However, on the other hand, Turkey’s economy is not one of the best in the world. As is known, many investment companies are exiting Turkey,” he said.