The parliament session on the topic of "The situation on the line of contact between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as [border] demarcation issues" was held behind closed doors for several reasons. Tigran Abrahamyan, an MP from the opposition "With Honor" Faction in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia and a security expert, stated this Friday during the traditional briefings at the NA.

According to him, the Armenian authorities were concerned that the media and the public would ultimately find out about the real situation on the frontline.

"For example, they could have noticed that the representatives of the republic's border troops and General Staff of the armed forces sent by the government were either incompetent and could not answer the issues of concern to citizens which, first of all, were related to the current situation, or could not provide complete information on topics about which, in fact, they should have known. This means that the issue of delimitation of the borders continues to hang in the air," Abrahamyan explained.