The opposition can’t blame the authorities for delaying the process of setting up a parliamentary committee to lead a probe into the circumstances behind the 44-day Nagorno-Karabakh war. Andranik Kocharyan, a member of the majority "Civil Contract" faction of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia and Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security of the National Assembly, stated this Friday during the traditional briefings at the NA.

According to him, it is the deputies of the parliamentary opposition factions who are refusing to submit documents to receive permission to work with confidential documents.

“Nevertheless, three opposition MPs, who are represented in the Standing Committee on Defense and Security, have already submitted the relevant documents. The only MP who hasn’t submitted them is Artur Ghazinyan, who represents the opposition “Armenia” faction. Everyone is waiting for him,” Kocharyan said, adding that the authorities are waiting for the process of granting authorization to end, after which the committee will start holding sessions.