The work of the new National Assembly (NA) inquiry committee will be productive without the participation of the majority "Civil Contract" Faction. Opposition "Armenia" Faction MP—and a lawyer by profession—Aram Vardevanyan, who plans to head this committee, noted about this Friday during the traditional briefings at the NA.

The lawmaker reiterated that this committee was set up by the virtue of law, which means that in any case it will work, summon representatives of relevant organizations, ask them questions, and study all the processes that have ever taken place.

"As a result of the work, the committee will issue a report. I believe it is even good that they [i.e., the majority faction MPs] will not be [in this committee]. Thus, they will not put pressure on the officials we intend to summon [for questioning]. They can speak undisturbedly and openly," Vardevanyan said.

He added that the committee’s report will be publicized and sent to international organizations.