With peace slogans, the government of lies and falsehood brought a war and defeat in 2020, stealing from us our victories and festive days and giving us days of mourning, humiliation and lament. This is stated in the statement issued by the opposition “Armenia” Alliance.

“Now they are promising us peace again, in the form of an “era of peace”. This means new concessions, more embarrassment, more humiliation, a new defeat, and we can’t allow this. The political party of “defeat” can’t bring peace and development. The symbol of defeat can’t represent the interests of our country in a dignified manner. The person who led thousands of people to death for own interest and office can’t be the leader of our country.

It is necessary to form national resistance and achieve shift of power, which is the precondition for helping our country get out of this situation, ensuring dignified peace, overcoming the social and economic crisis and ensuring security of the country.

On November 8 at 6 p.m. “Armenia” Alliance is inviting everyone to a rally at Freedom Square.

Dear citizens, this is a rally for dignity and to organize resistance. Come to Freedom Square and, by participating, show that you reject the Turkification of Armenia, the emptying of the Armenians of Artsakh, the theft of power by the authorities and the subsequent defeat of our country!” the statement also reads.