The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia has issued the preliminary results of Sunday’s local elections in Kapan city of Syunik Province, Ijevan city of Tavush Province, and Stepanavan city of Lori Province.

In Kapan, the opposition Shant Bloc won convincingly. A total of 13,962 people voted in favor of this bloc, whereas 5,791—for the ruling Civil Contract Party (CCP). Out of 31, 673 voters in Kapan, 20,087 took part in the voting.

In Ijevan, the CCP won by an absolute majority of votes. A total of 10,300 citizens voted for the ruling party, whereas 1,964—for the opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation-ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party. In Ijevan, out of 33,009 voters, 12,383 took part in the voting.

The ruling party won convincingly in Stepanavan, too. A total of 4,004 people voted for the CCP, 218—for the opposition Armenian National Congress party, and 705—for the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party. Out of 13,343 voters in Stepanavan, 5,107 took part in the voting.