Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan today received recipient of the State Prize of Armenia for global contributions to the IT sector, President of Synopsis and CEO, Dr. Chi-Foon Chan.

As reported the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, the minister welcomed the renowned scientist’s visit to Armenia, expressed gratitude to the authors of the initiative for organizing and holding this major initiative in Armenia and mentioned that it’s a great honor for Armenia to host famous people in the technology sector who have had an impact on the development of technologies.

Khachaturyan presented the development of the technology sector in Armenia, talked about the policy on Armenia’s economic development and the opportunities for the use of technologies and stressed that the Armenian government has set the objective to make efforts to shape, enhance and advance a technology-based economy.

Chi-Foon Chan shared his impressions of Armenia and mentioned that the first time he visited Armenia was 17 years ago. “Many people would ask me why Armenia and where it is located, and I would have to open the map and show them. I didn’t know a lot about Armenia. I knew it is the first Christian nation. I was very impressed with the country’s history, but what impressed me the most was the fact that people appreciate and value education and are very family-centered,” he said, adding that Armenia has many talents in the IT sector who need to be granted the opportunity to show themselves in the foreign markets and maximally use their knowledge and potential.

During the meeting, the parties exchanged views on the histories of both countries, the development of economy through technologies, philosophy and politics, human relations and several other topics.