Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on Friday visited and toured the Centre for Quantum Technologies of the National University of Singapore (NUS), informed the office of the President.

And at the ensuing meeting, the possibilities and domains of mutually beneficial cooperation were discussed.

Also, President Sarkissian participated in the forum of the NUS Medicine International Council where he spoke about Armenian-Singaporean relations, the potential for bilateral cooperation in science and education, the role of education and technology in the future development of countries, and responded to the questions by those in attendance.

The President emphasized that Singapore is a good example for Armenia. Not having a considerable amount of natural resources and being a small country, Singapore had human potential, and the power, vision, and strategy of the idea have build today's Singapore, said President Sarkissian, hoping that the power of this idea will also make Armenia strong and prosperous, and that he will be able to say that they have repeated the example of Singapore.