There is no need to wiretap members of the political opposition. This is what Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia Vahagn Khachatryan said during today’s briefing following the government’s session.

Khachatryan informed that two days ago he also received a message, and expressed certainty that many people have received such messages. According to him, this is linked to an international company, not the Armenian authorities. “I consider what happened to me an attack on the security of certain citizens and state institutions,” he added and clarified that the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia isn’t collaborating with the National Security Service with regard to the Pegasus program and hasn’t explored the latter since there is no need for that.

Recently it became clear that Apple has started sending warning letters to those who became victims of the Pegasus wiretapping program in Armenia. Leader of the opposition “With Honor” Faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan also received a message and considered this affirmation of the fact that the Armenian government is illegally trying to wiretap him.