What is happening now is crucial. Armenia has never been in such an embarrassing situation throughout millennia. This is what leader of the National Democratic Union, ex-Prime Minister Vazgen Manukyan told reporters today.

Touching upon today’s Putin-Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting in Sochi, he said the following: “I don’t expect any serious decision to be made during that meeting, and I don’t even think a certain document will be signed. There is simply no point in talking about demarcation and delimitation now. Armenia is facing an enemy who says it wants to seize Yerevan as well. Even countries in peace deal with such issues for decades. I don’t even want to discuss the conditions in which all this needs to take place. This is not the problem now. Let’s take the capitulation document, according to which the Armenian troops had to be standing in Kubatlu, Zangelan. If Armenia wanted to adjust the borders, it should have remained in those places and started negotiations. Why did the Armenian side retreat and why is it retreating little by little?”