It was a very positive meeting, we actually discussed all the issues on the agenda. I would like to state that we clarified our stances on many issues. It turned out that there is no misreading in regard to several issues. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan declared during the meeting of the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan held in Sochi.

Pashinyan expressed gratitude to Putin for creating a positive working atmosphere. “In regard to the paths for all the transport and economic communication routes in the region, we recorded the fact that we have a common picture of the work that has to be done. The topic of delimitation and demarcation is not a new topic, and we discussed it. We adopted a trilateral statement in which we enshrined the fact that before that, we need to create relevant conditions, that is, create certain security and stability mechanisms on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Pashinyan said, adding that humanitarian issues were also touched upon.

“Overall, I believe today’s meeting was very positive, and once again, I would like to express gratitude to Armenia’s strategic ally the Russian Federation for this initiative. I believe if we succeeded in creating certain dynamics on the basis of this meeting, we can expect concrete outcomes. I affirm the willingness of Armenia and its government to open the era of peace and peaceful development for our country and our region. This is our goal. From the perspective of implementation of this agenda, today’s meeting was favorable,” Pashinyan concluded.