Former US President Donald Trump said that the country lost its former status and is no longer respected. He said this on the British TV channel GB News.

The politician complained that the influence of the United States in the world has shrunk to a historic low after Joe Biden came to power.

According to the former White House head, the country is now at the lowest point in its history.

According to him, since he left, the international situation has aggravated around the world because of the weakening of Washington's influence.

"There were no planes flying over Taiwan, you didn't talk about Taiwan when I was president.

"They'll wait until after the Olympics I presume and perhaps something will happen.

"It's not good if you're there and you have bombers flying ver your country," he added.

Mr. Trump also said the US "is not respected anymore."

He pointed out that the US now has to beg for oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC.