YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: The [opposition] "Armenia" Bloc held a session yesterday, chaired by RA second President Robert Kocharyan.

Zhoghovurd daily learned that during the session, Kocharyan discussed with the NA [(National Assembly)] opposition the matter of whether to boycott or not to boycott the four-day [NA] sessions starting next week.

In a conversation with us, "Armenia" Faction MP Agnesa Khamoyan noted [that] the boycott had referred specifically to the previous four-day [session].

"First of all, I want to emphasize that during the session of the faction, which was chaired by the leader of our bloc, Robert Kocharyan, and which are of regular nature, a wide range of issues was discussed, but not the issue of ending the boycott during the forthcoming session of the NA because there is simply no such issue, as before the previous four-day [session], it was very clearly announced that we are boycotting that four-day [session], as the authorities are moving with an incomprehensible agenda and have left in the background the issues related to the country's security, which require extreme urgency," she added.

The "Armenia" Faction [in parliament], according to Zhoghovurd daily’s information, intends to continue the boycott in the future in other platforms of the parliament; mainly the international ones.

Instead, they want to convene a special session [of the NA]. As to on what agenda, Khamoyan responded like this: "The agenda, of course, is the discussion of a wide range of issues related to our security and defense. At the moment, however, I will find it difficult to provide information about the day [of this special session], but it will be clear already in the next few days."