At Wednesday’s session of the National Assembly of Armenia, the latter approved, in the second and final reading, the amendments to the law on passports of Armenian citizens.

According to the government, these amendments are aimed, in particular, at reducing the number of stateless persons in Armenia. Thus, these amendments will facilitate the provisions on the termination of the Armenian citizenship of children and adults.

Also, the data on the absence of obligations to Armenia by persons renouncing their Armenian citizenship will be checked by the Police. Besides, the mistakes made while filling in the data at the time of receipt will no longer be a basis for the termination of Armenian citizenship.

Furthermore, the government is proposing to reduce the processing time for applications for obtaining Armenian citizenship to 90 working days instead of the current 6 months.

In addition, within the framework of these amendments, adult children of Armenian citizens will be given the right and opportunity to obtain Armenian citizenship without the current requirement of three years of permanent residence in Armenia and knowledge of the Armenian language.

From now on, Armenian passports can be obtained also at all diplomatic missions and consular services of Armenia.

"The Presidential decree on termination of Armenian citizenship will enter into force from the moment of submitting to the passport service the proof of obtaining citizenship of another country," said Deputy Chief of Police Ara Fidanyan.