During your administration, consciously or unconsciously, a defective practice of reaching so-called verbal agreements and keeping them confidential was introduced in the process of negotiations. This isn’t about the confidentiality of the negotiations at all, we all know this very well, this is about verbal agreements reached after high-level discussions. This is what deputy of the opposition “Armenia” Faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Armen Rustamyan said during a question-and-answer session with government officials in parliament today.

“It turns out that those verbal agreements become devastating for Armenia. The public learns about the existence and consequences of those agreements after the agreements are reached. On the basis of what constitutional powers does the government reach verbal agreements that lead to vital concessions for Armenia? When will you explain this?” he asked.

In response, Pashinyan said the following: “We haven’t implemented verbal agreements, and it’s hard to imagine anything more absurd than talks about the existence of verbal and confidential negotiations.” In response to this, Rustamyan told the Prime Minister he has declared that there are verbal agreements, to which Pashinyan told Rustamyan to check the information.