In the first seven years of its existence, the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) has ensured a sustainable development of the economies of the participating countries, and contributed to the improvement of the lives and well-being of our citizens. Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin noted this at the seventh annual meeting of the Eurasian Expert Club being held in Yerevan on Wednesday—and with a forum entitled "EEU 7 years: Yesterday, today, tomorrow."

According to him, the aforesaid is evidenced by many indicators, and the respective progress is quite considerable.

"Cooperation in the territory of the Eurasian continent takes place in various formats and has a special importance. It is a more advanced integration format," the Russian diplomat emphasized.

"Russia and Armenia have a very major cooperation within the EEU. Armenia plays a big role both in expanding ties and cooperating with third countries. The economic benefit for Armenia from the membership in the Union is also obvious, which is confirmed by the growth of mutual trade. Also, the export volumes of Armenian products have ensured a 30% growth in the first nine months of 2021. Moreover, there is an increase in ties with all EEU partners. This indicator, among other things, shows as well that the economy of the republic [of Armenia] has started to gradually recover after the [coronavirus] pandemic," Kopirkin added.