The Armenia Police special forces have forcibly apprehended the Parakar village residents who have closed off the motorway leading to Zvartnots.

And the road has been reopened.

The residents of Parakar had blocked this motorway because it had been several hours since Volodya Grigoryan—the candidate for village mayor from the Country to Live party—and his teammates are not allowed to enter the village hall building.

The police have closed off the entrance of Parakar community hall where the inauguration of the new village mayor was scheduled for today.

The Country to Live party, which considers that its candidate Grigoryan has been elected village mayor in the recent local election there, has set up a tribune outside and carried out an inauguration.

The police have informed that there is a court dispute over the results of the aforesaid local election, and that is why they have no right to allow them to enter the building of the community hall.

As Armenian reported earlier, the situation is tense Thursday morning in Parakar village of Armenia.

Today is the day of the inauguration of the new village mayor, but the thing is that two people at once—those heading the electoral lists of the Country to Live party and the "Davit Minasyan" bloc—consider themselves elected community leader.

As a result of the local elections in Parakar, the Country to Live party won ten seats in the Parakar village council, the "Davit Minasyan" bloc of parties—nine, and Armenia’s ruling Civil Contract Party—two.

First, Volodya Grigoryan, the candidate from the Country to Live party, was nominated for the post of village mayor, and was elected by ten votes. According to the Country to Live party, the law allows to elect by 40 percent the only candidate nominated for community leader.

After that, the Parakar village council members supporting Davit Manukyan’s candidacy came to the council, and they elected Manukyan village mayor, with 11 votes—which is more than 50 percent.