Russia’s security is at risk — due to the West’s ongoing deceit with regard to NATO’s advancement towards the east, obtaining security guarantees has become a matter of life and death for Moscow. This is what Spokesperson of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said in an interview during the show “Moscow, Kremlin, Putin” aired on Rosia-1 TV, responding to questions from journalist Vladimir Solovev, TASS reports.

“Over the past two decades and even longer, they have methodically deceived us, and as a result, we are currently in a situation where our security is at risk, is under the threat of continuation of the deceit, under the threat of expansion of NATO’s political and military infrastructures towards our borders. In this regard, this is NATO’s expansion towards countries such as Ukraine and obviously other countries that used to be within the territory of the Soviet Union,” Peskov said, adding that this is de facto a matter of life and death for Russia.