Installation of missile-shield radar in the territory of post Soviet Union states irritates Russia, German expert on energy affairs and CIS countries Alexander Rar told Armenian He believes that missile-shield radars should be based on borders with such countries that can threaten West by missile attacks.

“The issue has two components technical and political. Technical component is that missiles may be installed in Poland, Finland and Turkey. Political component is that Russia does not want to have missile-shield installed near its borders. This refers to post Soviet states,” the expert told and added that technically it is possible to install missile-shield in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The issue is whether Russia and NATO can reach an agreement.

Recently Senators Jon Kyl and Mark Kirk expressed concerns about a possible agreement to base missile-shield radar in Turkey. Senators wrote Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and demanded reassurances that Turkish organizations “are not engaged, or suspected of engaging” in activities that does not meet US laws.

Senators cited US Missile Defense Agency study. According to it, South Caucasus is the best place if the system is intended to defend against Iranian possible attack.