A protest is being held in front of the Ministry of Health, participants protest against restrictions of coronavirus.

In particular, Ara Zohrabyan, lawyer and the founder of the Free Will initiative, stated that at the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus it was stated that the virus mainly affects the elderly, and the tools used by the authorities do not reach the old people, they hurt middle-aged people, that is, working people.

According to him, the authorities have no other tool than demanding either a PCR test result or a vaccination certificate.

Ara Zohrabyan said that an attempt is being made to vaccinate children, adding that one day they will also ask for a PCR certificate from the vaccinated.

Ara Zohrabyan emphasized that the Free Will initiative is against compulsory vaccination, every citizen must voluntarily decide whether to be vaccinated or not, the state's task should be to provide objective information.

One of the protesters said that medicine could not be forced.