During rule of any authorities in Armenia, the Armenian side has not set preconditions for Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Ruben Rubinyan, deputy speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia from the ruling majority "Civil Contract" Faction and special representative of Armenia in the negotiations with Turkey, told reporters this on Tuesday in the NA.

He added that nothing has changed in this regard.

"There is a situation that is not favorable for us—and I believe it is not favorable for Turkey [either]. We want the borders to be open," Rubinyan said.

According to him, during the Armenian and Turkish special representatives’ first meeting last week in Moscow, both sides tried to discuss not sharp, but positive matters.

"The future process depends on the degree of constructiveness of Turkey, readiness to engage in substantive talks. An agreement on the date and place of the next meeting has not been reached yet, but it will happen soon. The meaning of the talks is also to find out the purpose of Turkey unilaterally closing the border [with Armenia]. As for the provocations [by Azerbaijan] on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, no pressure will force Armenia to give up its vital interests," the parliament vice-speaker assured.

Rubinyan said he is ready that this process and he himself be "discredited."