The coronavirus poses a threat to non-contact peoples who have voluntarily refused to interact with civilization, RIA Novosti reported.

People of such races and tribes are aware of the existence of other developed peoples, but have decided not to cross paths with them in any way.

Scientists explain that small nations do not have immunity to the most common diseases because their bodies have not developed protective antibodies against them.

So, there is no need to even talk about the spread of the coronavirus among such small nations. According to scientists, this can lead to the disappearance of many small nations—as was the case with measles.

Brazilian scientists have stated that there is a risk of dying from COVID-19 among radical peoples, and this risk is six times higher than among the general population.

Scientists from Ecuador also speak of a similar trend. According to them, small nations, which make up about 7% of the world’s main population, put their lives at risk by refusing medical care and communication, in general.

According to scientists, some peoples, despite their isolation, can still contract the coronavirus.