The Parliament of the Spanish Autonomous Community of Catalonia approved on Wednesday an initiative to restore the memory of women who were accused of witchcraft, TASS reported.

During the plenary session, a draft resolution on those accused of witchcraft was approved, the communiqué says.

Parliament recognizes these women as victims of misogynistic persecution and expresses its support for the campaign: They were not witches, they were women.

The text also restores the historical memory of women wrongfully convicted, executed and repressed throughout history for witchcraft, ennobling them and making demands, facilitating reparative action.

The initiative expects to promote a policy to preserve the memory of so many women who were unjustly executed for unjustified sentences and to promote historical justice.

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Catalonia was one of the most active European regions in the fight against witchcraft, according to the ABC newspaper. During this period, at least 700 women were executed under this pretext.