The United States is beginning to view Germany as an "unreliable partner" because of the restrained stance of the German authorities on the Ukrainian crisis. Such an assessment is made in a confidential dispatch by Emily Haber, Germany’s ambassador to the United States, which she sent to the German Foreign Ministry, Spiegel wrote on Friday, TASS reported.

The dispatch begins with the words, “Berlin, we have a problem." It details how Germany is discredited in the United States and perceived as an "unreliable partner" because of its stance on Ukraine.

Haber writes that not only the media, but also the US Congress views Berlin as a brake when it comes to sanctions.

In addition, another reason for the US administration's disappointment is Berlin's refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine.

According to the German diplomat, Washington believes that such a position of Germany is based on the desire to buy cheap natural gas from Russia.

In her dispatch, Haber writes also that Germany is becoming a "soldier" in the internal political debates of Washington. In particular, more and more criticism is voiced against Berlin by the Republicans.