Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri on Thursday clearly stated that that in the Iranian plan for the international transport junction connecting the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, Tehran does not considered as the main transit route the Julfa (Iran) -Jugha (Nakhichevan)-Yeraskh ( Armenia) railway, but the North-South highway to pass through Syunik Province of Armenia. Iranian studies specialist Vardan Voskanyan, who is also a member of the opposition Homeland party of Armenia, wrote about this on Facebook. He added as follows:

"It is noteworthy that twice speaking about this, the Iranian diplomat reminded in a very direct text that even in case of unblocking the [regional] communication channels, the proposed railway options cannot be a reason to ignore the importance of the road passing through Syunik Province of Armenia and ensuring Yerevan-Tehran direct land communication. So, the construction of the North-South highway should remain a priority.

Taking into account the positions of the Iranian side, too, it should be very clearly recorded in Armenia as well that not the ensuring of the ‘mainland’ Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan-Turkey railway link through the Meghri region [of Armenia], but the very North-South highway—through which the Iranian ‘Persian Gulf-Black Sea’ and the Indian ‘North-South’ transport junctions shall pass—is a primary and vital necessity to ensure the internal and external secure communication and development of our state," Voskanyan added.