A protest is being staged in front of the Yerevan Zoo Monday—and against the ongoing death of its animals, as well as against its management.

The picketers are a group of specialists who used to work at the Yerevan Zoo.

Anush Rafayelyan, a former employee of the zoo, told reporters that they are dissatisfied with the work of Arevik Mkrtchyan, the Director of the Yerevan Zoo.

"The death of many animals [in the zoo] has been recorded during these six months, which is not being voiced. I believe this is done deliberately to vacate the zoo area. Rumors are circulating since 2011 that they want to make this area an elite [residential] district," Rafayelyan said, in particular.

Five vultures—four of which were white-headed—died recently at Yerevan Zoo. There were press reports that the cause of death of these animals was famine. But the zoo management board denied these reports, noting that respective laboratory tests are being conducted.