An Armenian church in Bursa, Turkey, is collapsing and crumbling day by day as a result of carelessness.

After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, this Armenian church in the Kurtoglu neighborhood of Bursa's Yildirim District was transferred to a person as private property, but it was not taken care of and preserved for years, Hurriyet reports.

Also, this church has been a target of treasure hunters for many years, due to which it is now in danger of collapsing.

Kurtoglu prefect Ahmet Gedik said that the condition of this Armenian church worries Bursa residents, who want it to be renovated and serve the development of tourism in the city.

Gedik added that the owner of this church had tried to sell it several times, but did not succeed due to some problems.

The prefect expressed hope that the Turkish authorities would buy and renovate this Armenian church.