Murderer of Armenian solider was released during the first court hearing in Turkey.

The hearing on killing of Sevak Sahin, Armenian by origin, lasted 13 hours, Vatan newspaper reports. The judge decided that suspect Kvanc Agaoglu has no reasons to escape and released him changing judicial restraint.

During the next hearing judge will consider testimony of Sahin’s fiancée Melani Kumruyan who claims that the soldier had problems with commanders.

Prosecutors demand only nine-year sentence for Agaoglu on charges of reckless homicide.

25-year-old Sevak graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul TechnicalUniversity. He served in the military unit of the gendarmerie in Kozluk district of Batman province. He would have discharged from the army in 23 days.

Gendarmerie stated he was killed from gunshot wounds, while playing with a gun with his friend on April 24. However, Sevak’s parents do not believe in it and demand a thorough investigation of his death.