Baku will not discuss delimitation and communications with Yerevan, the Azerbaijani agency reported.

"The day before the statement of the Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan about the meeting of the commissions of Azerbaijan and Armenia on delimitation of the border and border security, to be held on 16-17 May in Moscow, was circulated. According to the Armenian Foreign Minister, within the "Overchuk Moscow format," a meeting and discussions on the above two important aspects of the Armenian-Azerbaijani agenda was planned.

However, later on denied the information voiced by Mirzoyan. As reported, Azerbaijan neither confirmed nor gave its consent to holding a bilateral meeting on border delimitation and border security. On 16-17 May with participation of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk a meeting will be held only on communications. Such meetings in the trilateral format are permanent. pointed out to the groundlessness of the information about the discussion of border delimitation. Moreover, as it became known today, there is no agreement between the parties to discuss the issue of communications and border security," the newspaper writes today.