Georgia's stocks of wheat are running out, they will last for ten days, Levan Silagava, head of the Grain and Flour Producers Association of Georgia, told the Georgian news agency Business Formula.

Unfortunately, the stocks of wheat in the country are minimal, the stocks will last for ten days, and in the next few days, the three mills that worked before will also stop working ... Importing wheat has not made sense for months, since the import duty on flour is zero , while wheat has a floating duty. Today it is 120 dollars per ton. Based on this, flour has been aggressively supplied for months, replacing wheat, Silagava said.

According to him, members of the Association demand a meeting with the prime minister so that the difference between import duties on flour and wheat is leveled. He added that negotiations with the ministries of the economic profile ended in vain, and the employees of the mills are losing their jobs.