In general, when we often refer to issues related to the peace agenda, the negotiation process, and history, some interpret it as a discussion between the former and current authorities, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said.

He noted in particular: "It has nothing to do with this. I, our government, our political team consider it my duty to provide citizens with enough information about what happened to us, so that the citizen has the proper depth of information, and further make the decisions.

Today I have to say the following publicly. You know, today we are talking about democracy in the Republic of Armenia, and here there are people, with whom at different times we struggled, maybe independently, maybe separately, sometimes together, for the establishment of democracy in Armenia. But I want to note, now to strengthen democracy, it is very important that we unite around another mission, as we brought democracy to the Republic of Armenia, we can bring peace to the Republic of Armenia. At least I can say with pleasure and pride that there is a political force in the Republic of Armenia united by this mission.

I think all the democratic forces of the Republic of Armenia should unite around this mission, because one is a continuation of the other. Of course, this does not mean that we must have the same viewpoint and vision on all issues. I think that at this stage it is very important that we really, honestly look each other in the eye, analyze the history of our country over the past 30 years, and be able to do this in an atmosphere of sincerity, in an atmosphere of honesty, looking each other straight in the eye. Democracy creates sufficient conditions for this.

So the continuation of our mission of democracy is our mission of peace, which is a much harder, much more difficult mission, requiring more strength and will. I believe I am convinced that we will accomplish this mission, because if there is no conviction, there will be no desire and no responsibility to undertake it,” the PM said in his speech.