U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris called for a ban on assault weapons during mourning events to remember the last of the 10 people killed Saturday in a racist attack at a Buffalo supermarket, PA MEDIA reported.

At the funeral of 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield - the oldest of the 10 people killed in the supermarket attack two weeks ago - Harris told mourners that now is the moment when "all good people" should speak out against the injustice that occurred at Tops Friendly Market on 14 May, as well as at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

"Everybody's got to stand up and agree that this should not be happening in our country and that we should have the courage to do something about it," Harris told the congregants at the funeral.

"An assault weapon is a weapon of war, with no place, no place in a civil society. Why should anyone be able to buy a weapon that can kill other human beings without at least knowing, 'Hey, has that person committed a violent crime before? Are they a threat against themselves or others? That's just reasonable," Harris said on Saturday.