The largest bottle of whiskey in the world was sold at auction in Scotland, the Metro edition reported.

311-liter bottle cost $1.3 million.

It is reported that the sold whiskey with 32 years of aging belongs to the Macallan brand. The height of the bottle, into which the alcohol was poured, is 180 cm. According to the media, its volume is equal to 444 regular bottles, which allowed it to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Daniel Monk, one of the initiators of the giant bottle project, explained where the idea came from.

“This is a passion project to celebrate the life of my late father, Captain Stanley Monk, who was himself an explorer and achieved many amazing achievements," the man added.

In addition, the bottle was named "The Intrepid" in memory of the 11 explorers and innovators whose portraits were placed on the label. As for the new owner of the whiskey, he decided to remain anonymous and declined to comment.