Armenia has decided to join CIS agreement on the use of satellite communication systems for military purposes, Deputy Defense Minister Arman Sargsyan presented the corresponding draft of the agreement for ratification at the National Assembly session.

The document, he said, was signed back in June 2018.

"Thus, Armenia will get access to the resources of Russia's military satellites," he said.

Agreements on the joint use of data from military satellites, including military and technical assistance, are regulated on the basis of bilateral agreements between Armenia, Russia, as well as other countries participating in the aforementioned treaty.

"However, Armenia will ratify the treaty with one reservation. If another country joins the agreement in the future, the republic will be able to make a separate decision on its participation," the deputy minister noted. Sargsyan, however, did not name the country potentially able to join the treaty, but apparently we are talking about Azerbaijan.

"The treaty was signed in 2018 by Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Armenia signed the document later - only in February of this year," a representative of the Defense Ministry said.