At its upcoming summit in Madrid on 28-30 June, NATO may decide on the largest military deployment since the end of the Cold War, Spanish newspaper El País reported.

The allies in the alliance are ready to embark on an intense arms race to “turn Eastern Europe into a fort with thousands of soldiers and a lot of military equipment.” “Some allied countries want to move from the current presence in the east of the alliance, consisting of battle groups, to brigades,” the newspaper’s sources explain. According to the publication, in this way NATO wants to make it clear that it is on alert and ready to respond to aggression against any member state.

Moreover, the organization intends to support increase in military budgets of the allies. It is reported that the new strategic concept of NATO will put an end to ties with Moscow. In particular, Russia will be designated in the concept as a direct threat. As for China, the European allies are in favor of not exacerbating tensions with Beijing. Thus, the PRC will not be seen as a threat, but as a geostrategic and systemic challenge.