An Iranian rocket called Zoljenah was launched into space on Sunday for the second time in 16 months, Tasnim reported.

An Iranian Defense Ministry spokesman said the rocket was launched for research purposes.

He noted that Zoljanah has three propulsion stages - two solid-fuel stages and one liquid-fuel stage.

The technical characteristics of the Iranian satellite launcher are comparable to those of the world's modern satellite launchers, he added.

The Iranian Defense Ministry spokesman added that the purpose of the launch was to carry out a suborbital space flight, noting that the third phase of development of a hybrid launcher using data from the recent launch has begun.

In February 2021, Iran's Ministry of Defense first launched the Zoljanah launch vehicle.

The Zoljenah could carry a 220-kilogram satellite into an orbit 500 kilometers above Earth.

Officials say Iran has three operational satellite launchers - Zoljenah, Sarir and Soroush.