Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing a new raw material trap for the West, according to the German newspaper Welt.

The Russian leader can build partnerships with Bolivia, which has the largest lithium deposits in the world. In addition, the authorities of the South American country are looking for business partners who will help in the extraction of raw materials. According to Welt, Russia is the main contender.

The author of the publication, Tobias Kaufer, also writes that if Russia succeeds in this matter, Europe may have another dependence on Moscow. Lithium reserves in Bolivia reach 21 million tons.

On the night of June 27, it became known that the G6 countries are discussing the possibility of limiting the price of Russian oil by introducing its marginal cost for transportation and insurance.

According to Bloomberg, the potential mechanism will only allow the transportation of oil and oil products whose value is below the agreed threshold. At the same time, it is stipulated that the agreement has not yet been adopted, and discussions are currently underway on this issue.