Chinese authorities will reduce the time of centralized quarantine for citizens arriving from abroad from 14 to seven days, said in a document published on Tuesday on the website of the State Committee for Hygiene and Health of China.

Previously, citizens arriving from abroad had to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine, after which they should stay at home for seven days and monitor their health. In the case of entering the territory of the PRC in Beijing, the period of centralized quarantine was 10 days, after which it was also necessary to be in home self-isolation for seven days.

According to the committee, the mandatory quarantine will be reduced to seven days, the period of home self-isolation to three days. Within 10 days, citizens will have to pass a total of six PCR tests: on the first, second, third, fifth and seventh day of centralized quarantine, as well as on the third day of home isolation. Testing will be done by taking a throat swab.

As stated in the document, these measures will apply not only to citizens who arrived from abroad, but also to those who are in China and were placed in centralized quarantine due to contacts with those infected with coronavirus. The period of centralized isolation for them will be seven days, home - three days.