Aggravated trials, the huge number of lawsuits and criminal cases, as well as the relatively small number of solved cases are among the main problems of investigation in Armenia. Anna Vardapetyan, Assistant to the Prime Minister and the only candidate for the post of new Prosecutor General, stated about this at Wednesday’s National Assembly special session debates on the matter of electing the new Prosecutor General of Armenia.

In her opinion, the respective task at hand is not to focus the investigation on the results, but on the process.

The candidate admitted that many investigative and procedural actions are carried out in Armenia, which are formally correct, but incomplete—to put it mildly—from the substantive point of view.

"Such a situation steadily leads to the fact that a sense of injustice is formed among the people. Belated justice is rejected justice," Vardapetyan added, in particular.

The candidate for Prosecutor General is convinced that the solution of this problem will enable to considerably increase the efficiency of prosecutorial oversight within the framework of investigations in Armenia.

"If the prosecutor is consistent in the investigation of the case assigned to him, the citizens will never come to the government building—with complaints and demands for conducting a proper investigation," said Anna Vardapetyan.