YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: One week ago, on June 23, the Supreme Judicial Council [(SJC)] issued the decision of the disciplinary proceedings initiated against Ruben Vardazaryan, by which it terminated, once and for all, his powers as a judge and chairman of the SJC.

Seven days have passed since then, but there is no response from R. Vardazaryan at all, albeit he had insinuated earlier that if [his aforesaid powers are] terminated, he might appeal this decision of the SJC.

As Ruben Vardazaryan has again started not answering reporters' calls, we contacted his advocate [attorney] Aram Orbelyan. The latter said that they have not received the decision yet and he cannot say what actions will ensue it. (…) noting that it is not yet clear to them what the SJC members considered a violation, on the basis of which they terminated [Vardazaryan’s aforementioned] powers.

To the question whether they are inclined to appeal [this decision] in any case, Orbelyan said. "Personally, my inclination is not enough, I have to discuss it with Mr. Vardazaryan, but I initially expect that we will appeal; but as to by which procedure, where—the international instance or the Constitutional Court [of Armenia]—it will be clear in a few days."