The National Assembly (NA) of Armenia is holding a special session at the initiative of the ruling majority "Civil Contract" Faction.

On the agenda are drafts of the NA decision on recalling opposition MP Ishkhan Saghatelyan from the post of NA vice-president, and terminating the powers of opposition lawmaker Vahe Hakobyan as Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs.

The explanation of the NA draft decision concerning Saghatelyan notes that he had numerous absences from parliament activities, and thus he did not fulfill his direct duties. Also, he provoked clashes, used hate speech, and insulted various representatives of the public and MPs.

As for Vahe Hakobyan, the respective explanation submitted by the "Civil Contract" Faction states that Hakobyan also had numerous absences from the activities of the NA and its Standing Committee on Economic Affairs. In addition, this committee’s reception hall was closed on a regular basis, and the calls were unanswered.