Opposition MP Artur Khachatryan on Friday submitted his resignation from the post of vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia. He wrote about this on his Facebook.

"Today, the members of the CC [i.e., the MPs of the ruling majority “Civil Contract” Faction of the NA] dealt another blow to Armenian parliamentarism, state institutions of the Republic of Armenia, and Armenian statehood. The CC majority of the parliament adopted decisions to recall NA Vice President [and opposition lawmaker] Ishkhan Saghatelyan and chair of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, [and opposition legislator] Vahe Hakobyan, from their [respective ] positions.

The decisions were adopted unanimously—in line with the most odious traditions of the Soviet Union.

 (…) the only concern of CC members is their chairs. (...).

(...). However, I consider it unacceptable to from now on hold a political position in this tragicomic political situation.

Accordingly, I hereby announce that as of today I am resigning from the position of Deputy Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs," the opposition MP wrote, in particular.