Armenian News - presents the BREAKING NEWS as of 01.07.22:

  • The Armenian opposition MPs have decided to give up their other administrative — committee chair, vice chair — positions.

The move came after ruling party MPs dismissed deputy speaker, opposition MPs Ishkhan Saghatelyan, and chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on economic affairs, opposition MP Vahe Hakobyan, from their positions.

Saghatelyan noted that their colleagues will also give up other parliamentary administrative positions being held by the opposition.

  • Thus, opposition MP—and former deputy prime minister—Armen Gevorgyan on Friday submitted his resignation from the position of Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration of parliament.

Hayk Mamijanyan, secretary of the "I have honor" opposition faction, has also announced a resignation from the position of deputy chairman of the committee.

Since May 3, the opposition factions boycotted parliament sessions in connection with rallies and protests in the capital and regions.

They demanded Nikol Pashinyan to resign from the post of PM for ‘pursuing an anti-state policy’ and not ensuring the security of Armenia and Artsakh [Nagorno-Karabakh].