Russia and Armenia are linked by one of the closest relations in the world. They are political, military-political, economic, and most importantly, human relations. Timofei Bordachev, Program Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, stated about this Saturday during the discussion in Yerevan on "Russia-West conflict in Ukraine."

According to the Russian analyst, Armenia's presence in Russia, and the latter's presence in Armenia is the most significant of the bilateral presences that exist in Eurasia.

"Of course, we realize, appreciate it, we know it as an invariable factor in relations, including between Russia and the Republic of Armenia. It enables us to treat quite calmly and without excessive emotionality the issues that we discuss, the issues on which our views may differ, as we realize that these issues are part of our extremely friendly, allied, fraternal relations. .

Within the framework of such relations, any subject can be discussed, any problem can be solved, and we can move forward, as our relations, after all, are not barracks. We are not NATO, we are not the West where there is a country that gives instructions and orders to everyone. We really have a friendly, family relationship in which there may be different points of view, but the value is that we do not change the general nature of our interaction when we discuss all these issues and subjects," Bordachev noted.