Sevada Ghukasyan, who organized the rally with a donkey in front of the building of the National Assembly of Armenia, was released on bail of 2.5 million drams, Lawyer Sergei Harutyunyan told Armenian

“The first court session is scheduled for July 8. Sevada confessed, stating that he had given false evidence. I think that either in the police department he was forced to give such a testimony, or from impotence he made a false denunciation. In both cases, the problem comes from the work of law enforcement officers,” Harutyunyan said.

Sevada Ghukasyan was arrested on June 1, on charges of false denunciation. On May 1, he left a message that at the moment when the police apprehended him, they used violence, because of which his tooth broke. On this fact, the National Security Service initiated a criminal case, which was discontinued. And then, on the basis of a false denunciation, a new case was initiated.