During the Azerbaijani aggression in recent days, our servicemen repeatedly resisted Azerbaijani attacks and provocations, Artsakh State Minister Artak Beglaryan wrote in Telegram.

"▪️ Unfortunately, mainly from UAV strikes we have 2 dead and 19 wounded.

▪️ I express my deep condolences to the relatives of Gurgen Gabrielyan and Artur Khachatryan, and I wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

These cases once again prove that:

1. The Artsakh people's spirit of resistance is not broken, and we are ready and able to defend ourselves.

2. Azerbaijan continues its policy of Armenophobia and war, ruling out the existence of the Armenian people at least in Artsakh, and in the future also in Armenia.

3. The international military and political guarantees and mechanisms, especially in the conditions of this fragile world order, do not fully ensure the stable security of the people of Artsakh, and we are obliged and obliged to constantly increase the level of our strategic stability.

4. 4. Under the conditions of the anti-Armenian policy of Azerbaijan, no end to the conflict is in sight, and Baku will try, through periodic provocations, offences and all kinds of pressure, to gradually improve its military and political position in the region and to achieve the expulsion of Armenians from Artsakh. For this purpose Azerbaijan applies various measures, including:

A) the use of force and the threat of force,

B) Constantly improving its own military capabilities,

C) Involving Turkey in regional relations on issues of its own agenda,

D) deepening Artsakh's isolation,

E) promotion of Azerbaijan's theses and interests through strengthening Azerbaijan's role in the region and the world and false information flows,

F) inciting and stimulating a split between different parts of Armenians,

E) instilling a sense of helplessness and despair in Armenians (first of all Artsakh Armenians),

З) Deterioration and obstruction of important conditions of living in Artsakh,

I) Restricting the leverage and capabilities of the Russian peacekeeping contingent and Russia as a whole in the region and discrediting it, especially among Armenians.

5. Since Artsakh is of exceptional importance for Armenia and all Armenians, and considering the above-mentioned threats, our only solution is to constantly and rapidly increase the level of strategic resistance of Artsakh and Armenia, especially in the following areas:

A) stable security,

B) growing demographics,

C) developing economy,

D) quality education,

D) effective governance,

E) a national ideology,

G) pragmatic international relations.

6. To achieve all this, we need to ensure a stable and practical nationwide consolidation around Artsakh's Armenian future and the development and strengthening of Armenian statehood.

7. If we lose Artsakh, we will turn if not the last, then the penultimate page of the Armenian history.

I will present my more detailed reflections on these issues and the exceptional importance of Artsakh (Artsakhism) for the Armenian people and the future of Artsakh in the near future in a lengthy article," he noted.